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Elegant SciPy pdf free

Elegant SciPy. Juan Nunez-Iglesias, Stefan van der Walt, Harriet Dashnow

Elegant SciPy

ISBN: 9781491922873 | 250 pages | 7 Mb

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Elegant SciPy Juan Nunez-Iglesias, Stefan van der Walt, Harriet Dashnow
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated

Is > > there a more elegant way than what I have implemented below using > > argmax()? [SciPy-User] Call for code nominations for Elegant SciPy!. Elegant-scipy-submissions - Submissions of code snippets for the book Elegant SciPy. Import numpy as np import pandas as pd import scipy.stats as st A = data[data['x1' ]=='A']['x2'] Elegant numpy array shifting and NaN filling? This routine returns the indices and the max value. Matlab, Elegant matrix support; visualization, Expensive; incomplete statistics support, No, Engineering. Rougier opened issue HarrietInc/elegant-scipy-submissions#22 · @rougier. Self- organizing map (vector quantization). Continuum is a sponsor of this year's SciPy Conference in Austin, TX. Hi all, Juan Nunez-Iglesias, Stéfan van der Walt, and I will be writing an O'Reilly book about the SciPy library and the surrounding ecosystem.

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